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What is the Great Secret?

The Great Secret: Unlocking the Code of Life documentary explores the possibility that we are living in a computer simulation and the exponentially increasing data that supports this theory. Now Elon Musk, billionaire business magnate, Academy Award-winning actor, Matt Damon, and  astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson are saying the same thing. Be sure to watch our 4-minute promo VIDEO.

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Key Players for the Great Secret

We are looking for Key Players--professional writers, producers, executive producers and investors--to make The Great Secret a reality. If you are interested and qualified, or know someone who is, please fill out our CONTACT US form.

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Scene the Light Entertainment - Gina E. Jones

Scene the Light Entertainment and its founder, Gina E. Jones, are dedicated to making The Great Secret into a  transformative documentary or a documentary series for television. 

Learn more about Gina E. Jones, creator of The Great Secret: Unlocking the Code of Life, on the ABOUT US page.

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