About Us

Scene the Light Entertainment, LLC is a multimedia company that offers entertaining, educational and inspiring information. 

Currently several projects, including books, games, movies, television shows, and videos are in the works. 

Our approach is to entertain, educate and to enlighten our audiences, clients and customers.


Gina E. Jones, Founder

The Great Secret: Unlocking the Code of Life documentary series for television is being created and produced Gina E. Jones, founder of Scene the Light Entertainment, a multimedia company that brings forth inspiring entertainment.

Gina Jones is a national award-winning author, screenwriter and speaker. Her novel, Flying Between Heaven and Earth, is being considered for a major motion picture and a television series.

Gina is also a Master Cardologer and a Certified Magi Counselor and the founder of the International Association of Cardology and Cardology Community. Her passion is the study of ancient civilizations, metaphysics, esoteric sciences, cosmology, ufology and nutritional health. 

Gina E. Jones studied architectural design in the School of Architecture at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, LA. In addition to being a patent-holding product designer, she had a 28-year career as a flight attendant with a major U.S. airline. It was there beyond the clouds that she began to see life from a much higher perspective. Gina retired from flying in 2006 to begin a new career as an author, producer, screenwriter, radio talk show host, teacher and public speaker.

Key Players

Gina Jones and Scene the Light Entertainment are looking for Key Players to make The Great Secret documentary/television documentary series a reality.  They are looking for professional writers, producers, executive producers and investors. If you are interested and qualified, or know someone who is, let us know.