The Great Secret: Unlocking the Code of Life

The Great Secret is a transformative documentary series that pulls back the curtain to reveal who we REALLY are and what is REALLY playing out on the world’s stage. 

While The Great Secret explores the possibility we are a computer simulation and the exponentially increasing data that supports this theory, it goes beyond just Simulation Theory and reveals the actual code that creates our lives and our perceived reality.

After digging through the mysteries of life and death, searching through ancient glyphs and numerous codes, and delving into fractals and the Fibonacci spiral, the hidden secret about humanity and how the world operates is ready to be seen by all. 

Searching high and low for almost three decades, Gina E. Jones, creator and producer of The Great Secret, has discovered the secret of how life is created, connected to a special geometric shape and has been cleverly hidden, like all great mysteries, in plain sight.  Our lives, calendars, DNA, pyramids, seasons of the year, and even time itself are all encoded and all connected.  

The Great Secret magically weaves together the deeper understandings of cosmology, history, mathematics, metaphysics, nature, science, and religion to demonstrate that our lives—past, present and future—are written in a simple code. 

Would you like to know what it is?